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Wiener Zeitung: “Coup” in Macedonia – under the aegis of the US and the EU?

Macedonia’s new Parliament Speaker, ethnic Albanian MP Talat Xhaferi, took office on Wednesday and his first meeting was with the EU Ambassador to the country. But there are two drawbacks: First, Xhaferi was a senior officer in the Macedonian...

They put the blame on the people in order to pardon the traitors

Nenad Mircevski April 27, 2017 will be remembered as one of the most shameful days in Macedonian history. Zoran Zaev and the quisling gang carried out a coup in Parliament and thus, after three years of playing with the patience of the citizens,...

“Coup” trial postponed indefinitely

The trial in case “Coup” has been postponed indefinitely because the two new lay judges had no security certificates. The “Coup” case involves opposition leader Zoran Zaev and other individuals charged with espionage,...