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Tourists flocking for 45th Galicnik Wedding

The beautiful village of Galicnik on Mount Bistra for the 45th time on Saturday and Sunday will host the Galicnik Wedding, one of the country’s most spectacular cultural events. This year, the bride and groom Tanja Lepceska and Zlatko...

National Geographic named Galicnik Wedding the most traditional wedding festival in Europe

After the New York Times, now the world-famous National Geographic magazine has named Galicnik Wedding the most traditional wedding festival in Europe! Every year, a tiny mountain community in Macedonia celebrates the union of one special couple,...

Galicnik Wedding bride and groom presented

Tanja Calovska, 28, and Bosko Lepceski, 31, will be the bride and groom of this year’s Galicnik Wedding, held on July 15-16. Both Calovska and Lepceski descend from the Galicnik region and are well-acquainted with the wedding customs. “I...

Traditional “Galicnik Wedding Festival” starts Saturday

The 41st edition of the cultural and tourist event “Galicnik Wedding Festival” starts Saturday evening with traditional wedding rituals being performed. This year two brides will vow eternal love – Ana Garevska and Margarita...

Aleksandar Sarievski’s nephew, Ivan is this year’s Galicnik Wedding groom

Ivan Sarievski, the nephew of the famous Macedonian folk singer, Aleksandar Sarievski, is this year’s Galicnik Wedding groom, scheduled for July 12 and 13. His chosen one is Ana Gareska, who, also has Galicnik origin. This is the first Galicnik...