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Dr. Saso Stefanovski, Health Insurance Fund director: Bigger budget for better healthcare services

In 2016 Macedonia’s Health Insurance Fund has the biggest budget since its establishment. What will most of the assets be spent on? STEFANOVSKI: The budget of the Fund has been doubled since the Fund was established in November 2000....

Health Insurance Fund to have historically largest budget of MKD 25.6 billion in 2016

The Health Insurance Fund of Macedonia in 2016 will have historically largest budget of over MKD 25.6 billion which represents an increase of MKD 1.4 billion compared to 2015, said Director of the Fund Saso Stefanoski who attended blood donation...
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Tamara’s case part of Parliament’s Q&A session

Macedonian Health Minister Nikola Todorov said that he has elaborated on the death of nine-year-old Tamara Dimovska a number of times in the press, when asked at the Parliament questions and answers session about this case. “In the past I...

Re-registration in Health Insurance Fund kicks off

The re-registration of all unemployed and people with low incomes starts Monday at the regional offices of the Health Insurance Fund so that they would be able to use the health services. 243,000 insured people are expected  to re-register...