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Ramadani: Paris killers are servants of the devil

Islamic theologian Nusret Ramadani strongly condemns the monstrous crime in Paris and considers the criminals that take innocent lives as servants of the devil. The theologian from Skopje, who completed his education in Saudi Arabia, said...

Head of Islamic Religious Community: One should die defending Macedonia, not Iraq and Syria!

If someone is Macedonian, they should fight for Macedonia, not in Iraq and Syria, stated the head of Islamic Religious Community Reis Ul Ulema Sulejman Redzepi for “Radio Free Europe”. The Reis condemned all the hot heads and brain-washers...

First Macedonian Albanian reported killed while fighting in Iraq

Mesud Musliu (28) is reported to be the latest Macedonian citizen to be killed in the Middle East, while fighting in Islamist groups, but he is also the first one reportedly killed in Iraq. Musliu, who was an ethnic Albanian Muslim from Skopje,...

Most jihadists from Macedonia are from Cair?

All Macedonian citizens who were thus far killed in the Syrian conflict while fighting for the Islamist groups, were followers of the salafi movement, ‘Dnevnik” security sources inform. Seven of the nine jihadists from Macedonia...