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LDP’s Milevski says education will be reformed

Goran Milevski, President of the Liberal-Democratic Party (LDP), who also runs for MP as part of the SDSM-led opposition coalition, vowed the educational system in Macedonia would be reformed. As part of his campaign activities, Milevski visited...

MP Topuzova-Karevska: Why is Zaev concealing evidence?

The procedure for reviewing MPs attendance in Parliament has begun. Final decision on stripping mandates of opposition MPs who are boycotting will be made with two-third majority vote in Parliament. What kind of a result are you expecting? Topuzova-Karevska:...

LDP MP Topuzova-Karevska excluded from the party leadership

The Central Board of the Liberal-Democratic Party (LDP) decided unanimously late Wednesday to exclude Roza Topuzova-Karevska from the party’s Executive Board and to deprive her of the LDP Vice President position. At the early parliamentary...