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Who beat Zaev?

Columnist:Nenad Mircevski The start of SDSM’s election campaign, which was announced as “opening of the change period”, has turned into self-destruction process of the biggest opposition party in the state, and their leadership...
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Who are the ‘ignorant commoners’?

Columnist:Nenad Mircevski For some time now, the opposition has been applying a unique, only to them logical, practice of expressing an incredible arrogance towards their own people. Their audacity reaches such limits that humiliate the Macedonian...

Who wants violence?

Columnist:Nenad Mircevski Certain structures in the opposition have been trying for some time now to repeat the Bosnian scenario in Macedonia through various activities. The last try to initiate violence across the streets of the country was...
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Where there is European solidarity, there is no international right

  Nenad Mircevski European Council’s fifth consecutive failure to set a date for start of EU negotiations with Macedonia entails the dilemma to whom the international right is applied, what European solidarity means and where are...