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Russian Ambassador Shcherbak: Crisis solution within existing legal system and institutions

The solution to the crisis in Macedonia should be found by its citizens within the existing legal system and democratic institutions, said Russian Ambassador Oleg Shcherbak in his address at a reception on Russia Day, held in Skopje late on...

Russian Ambassador: Only joint actions may defeat terrorism

Only joint actions, based on mutual respect and interest may overcome terrorism-­related challenges, Russian Ambassador to Macedonia Oleg Shcherbak said Thursday in his lecture on ‘Aspects of Current Russian Foreign Policy’, organized...

“Victory over Fascism” photo exhibition opens in Skopje

An exhibition dubbed “Victory over Fascism”, organized by the Russian embassy to Macedonia, was opened Tuesday at the St. Clement of Ohrid National Library. Opening the exhibit, Russia’s Ambassador Oleg Shcherbak said with it all participants...

Construction of Klecovce-­Negotino gas pipeline kicks off

Russian company Stroytransgaz kicked off Saturday the construction of gas pipeline section Klecovce­-Bloc Station 5 within the project for construction of a national gas distribution system in Macedonia. Stroytransgaz will build 61km of the...

Shcherbak: The world needs equal and constructive dialogue

The Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Macedonia, Oleg Shcherbak, in an exclusive interview with “Republika” speaks about the developments that happened in the world in 2014 and his expectations for 2015. Apart from the...