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Macedonian Parliament begins process to strip mandates from absent opposition MPs

Macedonian Parliament has prepared a report on the absence of a few dozen of members of Parliament, elected on the list led by the Social Democrat Alliance of Macedonia (SDSM). Now, the Parliament’s Committee on rules of procedure and...

Opposition belongs in Parliament, Macedonia’s friends in Brussels recommend

The political fight, the exchange of opinions and the competition of ideas belong within the democratic institutions of a country and not outside. The place of the opposition is in the Parliament, and not outside – this was the recommendation...

The opposition is not returning to Parliament

The opposition is not returning to Parliament. The opposition has announced Tuesday after the meeting of SDSM, LDP and NSDP leaders, Zoran Zaev, Andrej Zernovski and Tito Petkovski respectively, that it is not returning to Parliament. “Of...

SDSM: Parliament can verify opposition MPs’ resignations at any time

Parliament Speaker Trajko Veljanoski can verify at any time the resignations of the opposition MPs, which were submitted five months ago, said SDSM after Tuesday’s meeting of the party’s executive board with the MP group. “Opposition...

Parliament to debate on the importance of the Macedonian diaspora

A public debate on the importance of the diaspora for the Republic of Macedonia is being organized at the Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday. Committee chairman Antonio Miloshoski will open the session, while a number of officials...

Parliament debate on Law on Equal Opportunities for Men and Women

Macedonian Parliament will debate the draft amendments to the Law on Equal Opportunities for Men and Women, in its session planned for Tuesday. Parliament will also discuss the changes to the Laws on road traffic, transportation of hazardous...

Parliament will discuss changes to the Criminal Code

Macedonian Parliament is due to discuss the proposed changes to the Criminal Code on Monday. Changes relate to the Criminal Code, and to the Law on management with seized property. At the session, representatives will also take u pthe Laws...

Parliament will discuss the European Commission progress report

Macedonian Parliament continues its 18th session on Tuesday. The only item on the agenda before the representatives is the European Commission progress report on Macedonia. The report again, for the sixth time in a row, recommended to the European...

DPA deputies officially return to Parliament

  Deputies of the Democratic Party of Albanians (DPA) returned Monday to Parliament following announcements and a decision upheld by the party’s high-ranking bodies. DPA began boycotting the Macedonian Parliament in August after...

Parliament to resume 2015 budget debate

Parliament is to resume Monday debate on 2015 budget. Agenda of the 18th session includes 2015 draft budget in second reading and 2014 EC Progress Report for the Republic of Macedonia.