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MPs to debate changes in law on mandatory social contributions

The Parliament is set to debate Tuesday on the amendments to the law on mandatory social contributions. The VMRO-­DPMNE MP group said over the weekend it would submit a proposal to the parliament on changes and supplements to the law on paying...

Government members answer Parliament questions about UN debt, retirement benefits, road construction

­ During Thursday’s questions and answers session, Macedonian Parliament members asked Government ministers about financing of retirement programs, financial troubles in the Macedonian Radio Television, plans for road construction and...

Macedonia’s Parliament approves all constitutional draft­-amendments

­ Macedonia’s Parliament confirmed Friday the last two of the eight draft-­amendments to the Constitution. The draft-­amendment 39 broadens the jurisdiction of the Constitutional Court (CC) to examine complaints from individuals about...

Parliament continues debate on Constitutional amendments

Macedonian Parliament will continue its discussion on the eight proposed Constitutional amendments on Wednesday. On Tuesday, representatives approved the first four proposals of the amendments. Once all draft-amendments are approved, the...

Parliament to vote on draft-­constitutional amendments

The Parliament is set to hold Tuesday the 30. session, voting on the draft­-amendments to the Constitution. The eight draft­-amendments are passed by a two-­third majority, i.e. require 82 votes. The draft-­amendments refer to marriage,...

Parliament gives initial approval for alternative medicine law

­ Macedonian Parliament adopted three laws and changes in the initial phase on Friday. With 61 votes in favour, the Parliament adopted the draft Law on complementary and alternative medicine, that will regulate dozens of alternative treatments....

Parliament to debate Law on Financial Discipline

­ Parliament is to resume 29th session Tuesday debating draft laws on changes and supplements to the Law on Promissory Note and Law on Financial Discipline, both in shortened procedure. The agenda also includes draft laws on academy for teachers,...

MPs to debate package laws on secondary, primary and higher education

­ Parliament is to debate Monday draft law on changes and supplements to the Law on Higher Education within 29th session. The agenda also includes draft laws on changes and supplements to the laws on primary and secondary education as well...

Lack of two-thirds majority prevents Macedonian Parliament to revoke 31 opposition MP mandates

Macedonian Parliament session to revoke mandates from 31 absent representatives ended on Friday without gathering the necessary votes. At least 82 votes were needed to revoke the mandates of the representatives, elected on the list led by...

Macedonian Parliament to hold Q&A session

­ The Parliament is set to hold its 27. session on Thursday. The last Thursday of every month is reserved for a Q&A session.