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Parliament passes amendments on student vouchers, employment measures

Macedonian Parliament at a session on Monday adopted amendments to the law on issuing vouchers to students and the law on employment and insurance in the event of joblessness. Under the amendments to the employment law, companies that will...

Parliament to discuss employment, voucher bills

Macedonian Parliament will hold its 44th session on Monday, to discuss two draft laws, that are proposed to be passed under its fast­-track procedure. One of the bills will amend the Law on employment and unemployment insurance. The proposed...

Parliament open for citizens every last Friday in month

­ The Parliament re­opens for citizens every last Friday in the month. The Parliament says visitors will have the chance to visit the institution’s ceremonial section and have their questions answered. “Due to construction works,...

Parliament discusses laws on gambling, sale of state owned land and maternity leave

­ Macedonian Parliament approved several draft laws in their initial reading on Tuesday. One law provides that all organizers of gambling activities need to put a sign on their entrance that the premises are banned for people under 18, and...

Question time in Parliament

The Parliament is set to hold Thursday its 42. session, during which MPs will ask questions addressed to the Government. Question time is held on the last Thursday of every month.

Parliament to debate proposal to give tablets to low income students

Macedonian Parliament debates on Tuesday the draft bill to provide vouchers for purchase of tablet computers for students coming from low income families. The bill will cover students enrolled in third and fourth year of university studies,...

Parliament will discuss transformation of work contracts cut short due to pregnancy

Macedonian Parliament is set to discuss on Tuesday about the proposed changes to the law on transformation of labour relations. The changes, proposed by representative Krsto Mukoski, will transform contracts for women who had their non­-permanent...

Parliament to debate several laws

The Parliament is set to hold Monday its 39. session, including several bills and law amendments on the agenda. MPs will debate the amendments to the laws on IDs, construction land, lease of commercial buildings and offices, customs tariff,...

Q&A session in Parliament

The Parliament will hold its 38. session on Thursday. The agenda includes question time for MPs, held every last Thursday of the month.

Macedonian Parliament to debate several laws

­ The Parliament is set to hold Tuesday its 35. session, voting on the draft­-law on complementary and alternative medicine. The agenda also includes amendments to the laws on public enterprises; transformation of state-owned enterprises;...