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Cowardly cries from “Pavel Shatev”- SDSM cries for power, celebrates escape from elections

Nenad Mircevski June 5 elections were supposed to put an end to the crisis, to be an echo of the people’s will and a clear roadmap in which direction Macedonia should move. That’s why SDSM with all its powers refused to face the...

Conference on improving rule of law to counter terrorism

The Pavel Shatev Academy for judges and prosecutors of the Republic of Macedonia and OSCE are holding a conference on Wednesday and Thursday on strengthening rule of law as a response to terrorism. The conference brings together experts from...

Pavel Shatev poll: VMRO-DPMNE, Gruevski and Ivanov enjoy huge trust, 55% of respondents believe they deliver promises

VMRO-DPMNE, Gruevski and Ivanov have huge advantage over the opposition SDSM, the results of Pavel Shatev Institute’s latest poll, carried out from April 2 – 5 at Kurir’s request, show. According to the telephone poll with...