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EU, USA, OSCE, NATO: Everyone is entitled to protest, but not to involvement in violent acts

We call on citizens to remain calm and restrain from violence. We urge the citizens and state leadership to unite and in the spirit of constructive dialogue address the issues that undermine mutual understanding and inter-ethnic relations,...

MoI: 20 policemen injured, 6 hooligans detained during Friday protests

About 20 policemen and demonstrators were injured in a protest taking place Friday in Skopje. All got medical assistance and six demonstrators were detained, the Ministry of Interior Affairs (MoI) said. Some of the wounded suffered serious...

Police demonstrates preparedness – aggressive protesters demolish Albanian shops (VIDEO)

Macedonian police had complete control over the situation on Skopje-based Bit Pazar on Friday, when after the afternoon prayer in Jaja Pasha Mosque a group of about 1.000 protesters, most of the around the age of 20, has directed to the court...

Police suppresses the protests, one policeman injured

Macedonian police managed to suppress the protests in Skopje on occasion of the life imprisonment “Monster” case verdict due to the murder of five young boys near Smilkovo Lake, by using water cannons, stun grenades and rubber bullets. What...

“Monster” case protesters throw stones at police forces

Protesters who disagree with the “Monster” case verdict threw stones at the police forces. The protest began at “Caircanka” mall, moving down to Primary Court building, where the police intercepted them. Thousands of...