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Ristovski: EUR 27 million invested in 55 school sports halls

In the framework of project for construction and equipping of 145 sports halls, 55 have already been built across Macedonia, said Deputy-Minister of Education and Science Spiro Ristovski on Sunday. “The EUR 27 million invested in these...

Deputy Minister Ristovski details education reforms and investments in the past decade

Deputy Education Minister Spiro Ristovski held a press conference on Monday to detail the work of his department in reforming the system and investing in public education infrastructure. Ristovski said that in the past 10 years, the budget...

Ristovski: Ten new and 60 reconstructed schools in 2016

Six school buildings of solid structure and four prefabricated modular schools will be built in 2016, along with the reconstruction of 60 others, said Deputy-Minister of Education and Science Spiro Ristovski on Friday. “I expect the two...

Ristovski: The reforms are the foundation for building knowledge-based society

Deputy Minister of Education, Spiro Ristovski, in an interview with the weekly magazine Republika talks about the needs of the education reform package, the manner of its implementation and the expectations. Ristovski also explains the arguments...

Government continues to invest in student dormitories

Through the Ministry of Education and Science, the Government continues to invest in the housing capacities of the student dormitories. Minister Spiro Ristovski stressed that so far the Government has invested MKD 200 million in improving the...

Ristovski: Technical schools in Macedonia will get modern laboratories

Minister of Education and Science Spiro Ristovski announced the modernization of technical schools by purchasing laboratory equipment in order for them to be more attractive to the students. – If the business community really opens...