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MP Topuzova-Karevska: Why is Zaev concealing evidence?

The procedure for reviewing MPs attendance in Parliament has begun. Final decision on stripping mandates of opposition MPs who are boycotting will be made with two-third majority vote in Parliament. What kind of a result are you expecting? Topuzova-Karevska:...

Vice PM Stavreski: Joint efforts required to keep the young people in Macedonia

Everyone’s effort is required to prevent emigration of young people and educated workforce from the Republic of Macedonia, since the brain drain is of immense significance to the country. This was stated by Vice Prime Minister and Finance...

Topuzova-Karevska: MPs’ place is in Parliament

I have not negotiated with anybody from the ruling majority, nor I intend to do so. As I said, I remain in the opposition and I will represent the positions that the public is already familiar with, says LDP elected MP, Roza Topuzova-Karevska...