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SEC: On Sunday (Election Day), Macedonian voters will be marked with election ink on left-hand thumbs

On Sunday (April 27), i.e. in the forthcoming presidential runoff and the early parliamentary elections in Macedonia, the voters will be marked with an election ink on their left-hand thumbs, the State Election Commission (SEC) announced. For...

Zero complaints to SEC on first elections round

Not a single complaint involving the voting process in the first round of presidential elections held on April 13 was submitted to the State Elections Commission (SEC). The 48-hour deadline ended on midnight. SEC has received 5 complaints...

SEC President Rilkovski: No complaints filed after the first round

The first round of Macedonia’s presidential elections was held in a peaceful atmosphere. Out of 1,779,572 voters registered in the voter’s list, 869,137 citizens i.e. 48.84% exercised their right to vote, Nikola Rilkoski –...
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SEC preliminary results – Ivanov and Pendarovski in the 2nd round

VMRO-DPMNE presidential candidate Gjorge Ivanov won 449.068 votes (51.67%) and SDSM’s Stevo Pendarovski 326.133 (37.52%), read the preliminary results released Monday at the State Election Commission (SEC) website. According to the...

SEC assessment: Elections held in peaceful manner, only one incident registered

SEC President Nikola Rilkoski said late Sunday that the elections were held in peaceful manner with only one incident in Negotino where person broke ballot box and the voting was interrupted. SEC will release initial results from the voting...

SEC (99,72%): Ivanov 448,303; Pendarovski 326,069 votes

According to initial, unofficial results, published early Monday on the State Election Commission (SEC) web-site, VMRO-DPMNE presidential candidate Gjorge Ivanov won 448.303 votes (51.65%) and SDSM Stevo Pendarovski won 326.069 (37.57%). Data...

SEC (73,06%): Ivanov 289,172, Pendarovski 202,305

Results according to polling stations’ reports. ] Gjorge Ivanov 55 MPs Votes 289.172 | 16,25%* | 51,94%** Iljaz Halimi A group of voters Votes 30.587 | 1,72%* | 5,49%**   Stevo Pendarovski 38 MPs 202.305 | 11,37%* | 36,34%** Zoran...

SEC (68.17%): Ivanov 261.606, Pendarovski 182.818 votes

Results according to polling stations’ reports. ] Gjorge Ivanov 55 MPs Votes 261.606 | 14,70%* | 51,84%** Ilijaz Halimi A group of voters Votes 28.854 | 1,62%* | 5,72%**   Stevo Pendarovski 38 MPs 182.818 | 10,27%* | 36,23%** *Percent...

Elections results live on SEC web-site

State Election Commission (SEC) continually updates the results from the processed polling stations on their web-site. The presidential elections results can be followed on this link.

SEC (37,87%): Ivanov 107,991; Pendarovski 74, 042

Results according to polling stations’ reports. ] Gjorge Ivanov 55 MPs Votes 107.991 | 6,07%* | 50,92%** Iljaz Halimi A group of voters Votes 17.189 | 0,97%* | 8,10%** Stevo Pendarovski 38 MPs 74.042 | 4,16%* | 34,91%** Zoran...