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Jakimovski: If there are no elections on June 5, the citizens will take to the streets

Do you expect elections on June 5? JAKIMOVSKI: Yes I do, otherwise, tensions are high and citizens will take to the streets. The elections must be held, no one can calculate anymore. All the masks, all the lies have fallen into the water,...

Lonely women got roses, Mayor Stevco got kisses (PHOTO)

On the occasion of St. Tryphon’s Day (Orthodox Christian Feast of Wine) and St. Valentine’s Day (Day of Love), Karpos Mayor, Stevco Jakimovski and Municipality of Karpos organized Friday the fifth breakfast gathering for all those...

Jakimovski (GROM): Fair and democratic elections, we expect 3 MP seats

The leader of ‘Citizens’ option for Macedonia’ and GROM coalition, Stevco Jakimovski, assessed Sunday’s elections fair, democratic and dignified at a press conference Sunday evening. After first preliminary results have...

Jakimovski (GROM): President and Parliament according to citizens’ will

GROM President, Stevco Jakimovski, stated he expects fair and democratic elections and that the country will show maturity and preparedness to be part of the EU. “I expect that today we will elect the new president and parliament according...

Jakimovski (GROM): Equal treatment of domestic and foreign investors

GROM coalition leader, Stevco Jakimovski, stated during Wednesday meetings with Skopje citizens they will work hard for new economic and social policy and equal treatment of domestic and foreign investors. “We must protect poor and vulnerable...