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during the EHF EURO Croatia 2018 - Preliminary round -  Group C - Germany vs Montenegro in Arena Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia, 13.1.2018, Mandatory Credit © HRS / Nebojsa Tejic

Which countries have recognized Macedonia under its constitutional name?

Here’s the list of countries that have recognized Macedonia under its constitutional name and as FYROM. Countries that have recognized Macedonia under its constitutional name: China Russia United Kingdom USA All ex-Yugoslav countries: Bosnia...

GDP in Q1 increased by only 0.1 percent

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the first quarter (Q1) of 2018 increased by 0.1 percent, says the State Statistical Office. The biggest increase was recorded in sections: R, S and T – Arts, entertainment and recreation; Other service activities;...

Greek proposal Severna Makedonija, with no English translation, means completely new name of the state

Greek newspaper “Ta Nea” reported Wednesday that it is expected that there will be quick changes in the name negotiations between Athens and Skopje. The Greek proposal is “Severna Makedonija” with no English translation. Zoran Zaev’s...

Mitchell: US applies ‘quiet diplomacy’ approach to resolving Athens-Skopje name dispute

The US keeps playing a quiet role in the process for resolving the name dispute between Macedonia and Greece, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Wess Mitchell said as he presented the Trump Administration’s strategy...

Despicable and miserable politically motivated desire for revenge – judge Kacarska at the peak of inhumanity and barbarity

Former Interior Minister Gordana Jankulovska is being examined by a team of four gynecologists at the Gynecology Clinic, following an order by judge Dobrila Kacarska. Kacarska wants to prove that Jankulovska is really in a risky pregnancy,...

Kotzias: Time has come for the big ‘yes’ or the big ‘no’

I believe the time is coming for the big “yes” or the big “no”, says Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias regarding the latest developments in the Macedonia-Greece name talks, MIA reports from Athens. “I have a...

Milososki: The change of the name Republic of Macedonia will happen this week!

From diplomatic sources: the Tsipras-Zaev meeting and the signing of the agreement to change the name Republic of Macedonia will take place in the Greek Mala Prespa on Thursday or on Friday (this week)!, Antonio Milososki wrote on Facebook.

Influential media from the region and the world about VMRO-DPMNE protest: Several thousand citizens oppose the government, demand early elections (photo)

Just hours after the big rally organized by VMRO-DPMNE outside Macedonia’s government building, the media from the region extensively reported about the rally. Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia say that Macedonia is back on its feet, and thousands...

Drone footage of VMRO-DPMNE rally

Several thousand supporters of Macedonia’s opposition VMRO-DPMNE party protested on Saturday against changing the name of the country and to demand early elections. You can see the photos from the rally here.
protest-vlada-2-juni-55 (1)

Zaev plays with the intelligence of 2 million people, but VMRO-DPMNE will accept no change of Macedonia’s constitutional name

This is a historic period for all of us and an intersection in which we are in our history – the name issue is being resolved, Mickoski warned in an address to more than 50,000 Macedonian citizens who came from all over the country to...