Wednesday, 17 October 2018 | News today: 4

The Dragon of Bosnia opera to be performed at May Opera Evenings


The choir of the opera of the National Theatre Sarajevo and the Orchestra of the Sarajevo Philharmonic will perform Tuesday evening opera The Dragon of Bosnia by Bosnian composer Asim Horozic within May Opera Evenings.

The libretto of the opera in three acts is written by Nijaz Alispahic, conducted by Nada Matosevic Oreskovic (Croatia) and directed by Ozren Prohic (Croatia).

The Dragon of Bosnia is a story about Husein Gradascevic, who was a Bosniak general who fought against the Ottoman Empire and new reforms implemented by the Sultan Mahmud II which abolished the ayan (landlord) system. He is often referred to as “the Dragon of Bosnia”.

Gradascevic was born in Gradacac in 1802 and grew up surrounded by a political climate of turmoil in the western reaches of the Ottoman Empire. The young Husein developed a reputation for wise rule and tolerance and soon became one of the most popular figures in Bosnia.

Set designers of the opera are Vanja Popovic and Ozren Prohic while Belma Checho Bakrac created the choreography and stage movements.