Wednesday, 19 September 2018 | News today: 19

The government has not implemented a single project for young people


After taking over power, Zoran Zaev and SDSM let down the young people, even though they made all kinds of promises during the election campaign.

But for now, the SDSM government has shown no interest in the young and their problems.

In these four and a half months since Zaev became prime minister, no project has been realized that could improve the living conditions of young people.

This led to mass migration of the young population, so in this period 31,170 young people aged 18 to 37 years have left the country. The majority of them are from Strumica, Kumanovo, and Skopje as well.

About a year ago, Sekerinska proudly boasted that they had a plan to keep the youth in Macedonia, a plan that is obviously one of the many unsuccessful plans and lies of SDSM.

Two years ago, Prime Minister Zaev promised that he would also return those who already have left the country.