Tuesday, 11 December 2018 | News today: 9

The inevitability of elections


Prof. Jovanka Kepeska PhD

EU Neighborhood Policy Johannes Hahn and three MEPs, during a recent visit to our country, emphasized their existing political agreement as an argument for talks with politic parties. Something, however, remains unclear.

Formal and legal aspect is stated for the reached political agreement, although it is necessary to assume compliance in the sense of content.

One would expect, the supposed legal framework to be incorporated into the constituents of the social order, the constitutional order and, more narrowly, in the political system, because democracy is a procedure, assuming, to put it mildly, the improper interpretation of constitutional provisions. The choice of the government is possible if the majority of MPs would vote positively. Setting the role of the President in the composition of the government as unaffiliated.

The right to determine the mandate to form the government, according to Art. 84 of the Constitution, however, is undivided right of the President. Indeed, according to Art. 90 of the Constitution the President shall, within 10 days from the constitution of the Assembly, entrust the mandate to form a government to the candidate of the party or parties that have a majority, and most importantly, according to Art. 87, remains that the President, in exercising his rights and duties, shall be responsible for violations of the Constitution and the laws. Anyway, as according to Art. 28 of the Constitution, the defense of the Republic is the right and duty of all citizens. It is this constitutional commitment that puts the President of the Republic before the responsibility to assess the content of the political agreement of the bloc parties that want the mandate to form a government. He has a responsibility to assess the (un) constitutionality of the platform that the parties, which want the mandate, are committed to implement.

The platform has been presented after the elections and requires post-debate by the President of the Republic and all of us. And although the agreement with the Albanian political parties, through which SDSM accepts the Albanian platform, is not made public and the right to information of citizens is violated, the platform has been released. Its essence is known and representatives of the Albanian parties claim that SDSM has accepted it.

The Albanians are pushing for the Tirana platform so as to be appointed as statehood nation; besides the Macedonian language and its alphabet, the Albanian language and its alphabet constitutionally to become an official language of the state; that statehood position of the Albanian people to be reflected in state symbols; Albanian representatives to be included in the name dispute resolution; cooperation with Kosovo and Albania for integrated border management, which means completely open borders; and meeting these goals to be followed by organizing a roundtable of Albanian parliamentary parties through which transparent communication with international partners will be carried out, seeking the support of the EU and international institutions, and more.

So how can the President of the Republic, like any of us, accept this platform when its ultimate goal is the destruction of the constitutional order of the country?

The other aspect, in substantive terms, the presumed motive for talks with political parties, with the agreement of the political parties that Commissioner Hahn and the MEPs have indicated, does not exist. Which shows clearly that the political agreement does not exist because the acceptance of the Tirana platform is a political one only for SDSM and the Albanian parties. For the election winner, VMRO-DPMNE, the platform is unacceptable, and it continually disputes it.

Of course the additional call for dialogue so as to settle the internal relations is normal, we would say, routine. They call for dialogue, despite the announcement of the visit, Commissioner Johannes Hahn and other political representatives of the EU, adding that any new early election results would be repeated (for example, according to the Slovenian President, Lojze Peterle).

Due to the apparent inability to overcome the political crisis with dialogue because of the, harmful to the society, Tirana platform accepted by SDSM as a program commitment in the coalition for getting the mandate to form a government, the only constructive approach and possible exit is seeking elections in the real situation in Macedonia.