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The most handsome Macedonian girl will be helping others

The newly established foundation of the Macedonian top model Katarina Ivanovska will help children from socially vulnerable families in Macedonia

People consider her to be the most beautiful Macedonian woman, who, besides as a profession, will use her beauty for humanitarian purposes. Katarina Ivanovska became a model at the age of 16. Working more than successfully with fashion houses like Dolce&Gabbana, Dior, Valentino, Victoria Secret, in regard to her almost over a decade’s experience and work on the catwalk and before the camera, she says that her dreams have came true.

With her newly established foundation carrying her name, she is to make another dream come true – to help.

Now is the perfect moment to enjoy in what I have created. I am 25 years old and have decided to dedicate my time to philanthropic activities of this type, Katarina begins her story.


The foundation will work and act with a view to supporting the treatment process of children from socially vulnerable families in the Republic of Macedonia.

-The foundation’s purpose is to contribute to a certain vulnerable category of citizens in moral and material sense, directly or indirectly to help in solving their problems, as well as to encourage a much greater social circle to help save children’s lives as much as possible, she says.

The foundation will include a team of physicians, experts in various fields, whose professional opinion will determine in which moment which child and family should be helped. She says that she had the desire to help and support such children and families for a long period of time now.

-There is no greater pain for parents to see their child suffering, and not being able to do something about that. I work with enormous love and I always find a way to realize my goals through innovate ideas. Thence, I believe that I will manage to help such families through a committed and fruitful work, Ivanovska says.

The foundation will operate according to pre-determined plan and annual programme on many activities, projects, charity cocktails etc.

-We have already announced our first project, which is charity sale of my first T-shirts and summer tops collection, under the auspice of the famous brand “Pargo”. The sale will begin next month in “Koncept 37″ coffee bar and “Kaldrma” in the Old Bazaar, and will also be available to all participants in this year’s Skopje Marathon on 11 May, she informs.


Katarina said her close family and friends have been very excited and positive about this ever since she announced this idea.

– My family is my biggest support, but my close friends as well. When the news on the foundation was official, I have received many greetings both from my friends and from many people I do not know, which I am very glad for, Ivanovska said.

Besides herself, Katarina has a whole team working at the foundation to make sure everything functions, even when she is not around.

 My job in unpredictable, now I am here, tomorrow I have a shooting in Brazil, the day after tomorrow at the Bahamas, than home again and so on, and so on, she smiles.

Katarina will stay in Macedonia till the end of May, than she travels to New York. However, she says, whenever she has a shooting in Europe, she doe not miss a chance to return home. Now she has one more reason to do so.


By: Marina Kostovska

Photo: Gjorgi Lichovski