Wednesday, 21 November 2018 | News today: 0

The parties must not rule with Macedonia; Macedonia must be governed by justice, the Constitution and the laws

What I firmly believe and strive for is a policy based on Christian responsibility, Mickoski said Sunday in a speech after the protesting march held in Strumica. At the same time socialists, liberals and conservatives. We are a free, humane democracy through human conservatism as the right-wing people’s party that puts the free man in the first place, and all this must be based on the rule of law.

We cannot integrate into Europe if we do not integrate into Macedonia. We cannot enter Europe if we do not make ourselves Europeans. Do not believe Zaev’s new lies that the money will fall from the sky and everyone is about to get rich soon. Everything will be sold off and all doors will open and money will flow. It is not so in Europe. Believe it.

Family – it must be and remain the basic cell of society. Stronger economy, stronger families, stronger state. In politics as a state we need to get everything, and not to give and sell. I am for education and progress by bringing the world to us, not brain drain and stagnation. A free man is a thinking person, such people are our greatest asset. Hence, education and science are the key to success. The parties must not rule with Macedonia, the Constitution, the laws must rule with Macedonia. No one should be above that.

We are making a 7-year plan that means reliable development, a real economic revolution, we will thus respond with an economic revolution that will bring more money and more investment in all areas. It’s the real way forward, not the colorful lies, to sell everything that someone has acquired before us.

Mickoski asked the people in Strumica to believe in themselves.