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Theater Comedy’s “Donnie Dark” performs in Belgade’s Bitef


Theater Comedy performed the play “Donnie Dark” directed by Robert Ristov in the Bitef theater in Belgrade on Monday evening. Vladimir Lazovski, the Deputy Minister of Culture, was in the packed Belgrade audience.

According to him, “Donnie Dark,” which tells the story of a blind young man’s integration into society, is an excellent play that makes you think after you watch it.

Lazovski announced that he would meet the Serbian Minister of Culture and Information, Vladan Vukosavljevic later in the day. “We will discuss the excellent cultural collaboration between Macedonia and Serbia and how to further improve it,” Lazovski said.

This is Ristov’s directorial debut before the Belgrade audience. “This is a play with a special subject: the integration of a blind young man into society. It reveals the various emotional stages he goes through, as well as the emotions of the other characters in the play. Also, this is where the greatest former Yugoslav theater festival takes place. That’s why it is a good milestone for me to start with a performance in such a great and beautiful theater,” Ristov said.

The cast of “Donnie Dark” consists of Dirijan Petrov, Mirjana Popovska-Ristov, Magdalena Rizova-Cernih and Saso Ristovski. The play’s costume designer is Elena Luka, the music score is by Garo Tavitjan, and the cellist Dejan Cvetkovski also took part in the performance.