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Theodorakis: Government to present name proposals in Parliament after Easter


The government intends to acquire certain proposals through the talks and present them to the parliament after Easter. This goes both for Albania and Skopje, says Potami leader Stavros Theodorakis, following a meeting with the Greek Prime Minister.

In an interview with Greek radio Skai, Theodorakis referred to the name issue, reiterating the position of his party and the center-left Movement of Change, which also includes the PASOK party, MIA’s correspondent in Athens has reported.

“We insist on a solution that will close the open issue with our neighbor, a compound name for all uses that will be used internally, externally, diplomatically, at all levels, one word for the neighboring country and of course specific obligations based on international treaties for eliminating irredentism from textbooks and possibly the Constitution. Our neighbors will have to understand that they have to turn a page, educate their people to coexistence, friendship and good neighborly relations with Greece,” said Theodorakis.

Regarding the possibility of support to a possible agreement in parliament, he says that in order to talk about whether they would vote positively or negatively they need to see the proposal first.