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They are going to destroy the country without a mandate?


Nenad Mircevski

Ignoring the demands of 100,000 Macedonian citizens who daily protest against the Albanian platform and some kind of plan B to form a government (without a mandate by the President), which is to implement the points of the platform, apparently, will be the last political move of Zoran Zaev, who is sick for power. Not accepting Gruevski’s offer to get support of 51 MP in exchange for rejecting the ultimate requirements of the Albanian parties, which would lead to the disintegration of the state, is perhaps the strongest argument that the “return of democracy” and “cleaning up VMRO-DPMNE’s crime” is just an excuse, and that the whole crisis is just “preparing the field” to fulfill the main goal of the screenwriters – annihilation of Macedonia. The false confidence that his “friends from outside” provide him in the direction of forming a government at any cost only accelerates the process of his political suicide, and the state enters into an even greater crisis that could lead to serious consequences for its survival.

The pressure from certain diplomats on President Gjorge Ivanov, requiring him to give the mandate, while refusing to condemn the anti-constitutional platform and the interference of other countries in the internal affairs of the country only confirm to the people its quisling role and humble servility to certain centers of power, which expect him, as a future prime minister, to fulfill the plan for federalization of Macedonia. Moreover, with him at the head of the treacherous government, all his helpers expect to get a piece of the pie called Macedonia, and the bill, of course, would have to be payed by the Macedonian people. A major problem in the implementation of the script is exactly the people, which highlights its defiance on the streets, saying that under no circumstances will it accept self-destruction.

The dishonest and cowardly hiding of the details of the agreement for the implementation of the Albanian platform achieved with DUI and the desperate attempts to justify its secrecy through public appearances is an additional argument for concerned citizens who doubt that it will cause immense harm to national interests. I wonder if there’s anyone normal to make him understand before it is too late, or such people have long left the party because they are afraid to confront him.

Considering the fact that Zaev shows no signs of hesitation whether to withdraw from the platform, let alone whether to accept new elections, it is more and more obvious that he will proceed to the scenario to form an illegitimate government. But, accepting to go all the way to sell the state, he deliberately ignores the warning of experts that forming a government without a mandate is a crime and that parliamentary immunity in this case does not apply because the law foresees a prison sentence of more that five years for the perpetrator and his accomplices.

Zaev must be aware that accepting such a scenario will immediately bring him on the dock where he will be held accountable for a string of crimes and this time no one will be able to take him out of prison.

The external pressures of certain diplomats on President Ivanov, asking him to give the mandate to a government that intends to implement an anti-constitutional platform, are futile. The attempts of Soros mercenaries to present the remains of the “umbrella” as some international factor to whom the president and the people should show some obedience and servility, are also futile. All attempts to discourage people to defend the country are futile as well.

The public already knows that international support for Zaev comes precisely from the “friends from abroad” that in the past three years have been supporting him from the shadow in overthrowing the legitimate government. The resistance of the people has made foreigners get out of their comfortable bureaucratic positions exposing themselves to a direct attack from the public. So, Federica Mogherini’s recent Balkan tour went badly. The once young communist, and today’s high representative of EU for foreign affairs, felt the need to instruct us not to play with fire, that we were at the brink of an ethnic conflict and asked Ivanov to give the mandate to Zaev. She was not interested in Ivanov arguments, nor she feel the need to hear the voice of the people.

The EU High Representative did not even think to condemn the Albanian platform and the interference in the internal affairs of Macedonia by Edi Rama. Whether it is extremely naive to expect Mogherini to condemn the move of her close friend Edi Rama, see for yourself. It should be kept in mind that these two politicians are part of an array of diplomats that have suspected links to SDSM, and at the same time, in some way, are related to Soros or to Zaev’s “umbrella”.

You ought to know that Federica Mogherini was Italian Foreign Minister in the government of the former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi who Zaev mentions in a letter to Verushevski:

“The work that we are waiting from our friends from abroad is done. All the details are finalized. I am very happy about it. Because the Ambassador, and I have included people in high positions from the party of the Prime Minister … who are precisely on social positions related to issues that you and I have been working on.”  Zaev will have to answer in court who are the “people in high positions,” from Renzi’s party and whether Mogherini is one of them.

Edi Rama, though, is a good friend of Soros and of the Obama administration. The Prime Minister of Albania was the only politician in the Balkans to attend the wedding of George Soros in 2013. While Rama was writing the platform, his ex-wife, however, Delina Fico received orders over the next five years to distribute 9.5 million dollars from USAID to Soros organizations in Macedonia, which declare themselves as non-governmental.

Meanwhile, US Ambassador Jess Baily, who until now received four announcements of investigations into abuse of US citizens’ money given to support the leftist SDSM, is desperately trying to convince the Macedonian public that he supports Zaev on behalf of the current government in Washington. For this purpose, he is using Acting State Department spokesman Mark Toner from the previous administration, whose personal statements Soros media convey as an attitude of the State Department, and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Hoyt Lee, who recently called on government formation, and also announced “solution to the name dispute for swift NATO membership”, which practically means changing the name and erasing the identity! With this statement Lee only confirmed the ultimate goal of the scenario. However, the Macedonian public also knows that Tanner and Lee, as part of the previous administration, do not represent the policy of the new administration of Trump and currently are doing nothing but waiting for dismissal notice.

So, as long as these “international factors” openly interfere in the internal affairs of the country, and the pressure to form a quisling government gets stronger, and their silence over the Albanian platform tailored in Tirana gets louder, the resistance of the people becomes stronger, while their statements become less relevant without any weight to suppress the will of the citizens in any way.