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They put the blame on the people in order to pardon the traitors


Nenad Mircevski

April 27, 2017 will be remembered as one of the most shameful days in Macedonian history. Zoran Zaev and the quisling gang carried out a coup in Parliament and thus, after three years of playing with the patience of the citizens, they finally managed to provoke them to the extent of losing control and venting their anger on them.

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It was no accident that the scenario was played out day before the anniversary of the Vejce massacre, which started with the singing of the Albanian anthem. The traitors knew exactly what they were doing and they had a clear goal – to present those who protect the state as nationalists and fascists, while presenting the quislings as victims.

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Let’s be realistic. Thursday’s scene was really terrible and very dangerous. The situation was this close to claiming victims. Anyone who has spent at least a moment in the Parliament building can witness that. However, I will remind all those that are blaming the people for the chaos that the physical violence was preceded by three years of political violence by SDSM that culminated on Thursday’s coup through the illegal election of the President of the Assembly.

I will remind all those who do not want to see the reasons for people storming in the Parliament on Thursday of everything that the Macedonians went through in the past three years. Let’s go in order. In 2014 SDS triggered a political crisis by not recognizing the election results on the grounds that 200,000 votes had been stolen. Two years later the allegations were proved false and groundless! Meanwhile, with the help of a foreign factor they obtained more than a million illegally wiretapped conversations, which they used for blackmailing and threatening different-minded people and political opponents. Through Soros mercenaries they organized a so-called ‘Colorful Revolution’. Dozen police officers were injured and almost all monuments and institutions were damaged in the violent protests. They organized a terrorist attack in Kumanovo’s Divo Naselje, and with the aid of foreigners they became a part of the government against the will of the citizens. While they were in government they ran away from elections (which they themselves required) and continued the crisis for another year. In the December 11 elections once again they failed to win the trust of the citizens, but they did everything to circumvent the will of the people. Immediately after they imposed the Tirana platform whose implementation means the end of Macedonia as we know it and at the expense of the national interests they agreed a coalition with the Albanian parties.

The deceived people fear for the fate of the country and disappointed from the deception they decided to take to the streets in a peaceful manner so that their voice is heard by SDS MPs the international community. These people called on Zaev to reject the platform warning him that he is crossing the red-yellow line and that they will be forced  to defend the homeland by all means.

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For 60 days (!) hundreds of thousands of people were totally ignored by Zaev, but also by the international community. The EU diplomats that expressed reaction after Thursday events, in the previous two months did not even want to hear the requests and views of the Macedonian people. Meanwhile, those 455,000 voters whose political option won the elections, as well as those 200,000 people on the streets were exposed to unprecedented pressure from Soros’ mercenaries. They were brutally insulted with all sorts of derogatory words through Soros’ media and the social networks just for requesting preservation of the unitary character of the state and rejection of the Tirana platform.

Not being able to justify the betrayal and not knowing how to tarnish the peaceful and dignified people they did everything to provoke it and get it out all its wrath.

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Regarding the physical attack. Principally, I am against all violence and I am for accountability for any kind of violence committed, in accordance with the laws. However, by no means do I agree with shifting the blame on the people, while pardoning the lawmakers from SDS and the Albanian parties for serious crimes!

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All those who called on Zaev to have an illegal election of the President of the Assembly and rejoiced over the coup have the least right to talk about shame and to demand responsibility because they have a greater responsibility than the people who committed physical violence by encouraging another very dangerous political violence. Thus, they can be considered as instigators of the violence that followed the illegal vote for President of the Assembly. After all, the defense of the state is not violence but a duty. Disintegration of the state is a crime for which everyone must be held accountable!

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From Thursday event I expect everyone to understand that raping the legal system in the country will not bring good to those who wish good for Macedonia. It should be clear to us that we all bear a heavy responsibility for our fate and the fate of the state.