Saturday, 20 October 2018 | News today: 6

Three SEC members, including its president, step down after public outcry


Aleksandar Cicakovski, President of the State Election Commission (SEC), has tendered resignation terminating his function as head of the electoral body.

The resignation is an act of personal responsibility, Cicakovski tells MIA.

Two SEC members also followed suit. Namely, Violeta Duma and Igor Milev, nominated by the ruling party SDSM, have filed their resignations to the Parliament’s archive, it has been confirmed.

Cicakovski, Duma and Milev step down after it was revealed that members of the SEC had awarded themselves considerable sums as compensation for their activities in the latest election cycles and following an online public petition demanding that they should all resign.

The term of the SEC’s current structure expires in 2020.

Cicakovski was appointed president of the Election Commission as an expert in 2015 after the signing of the Przino Agreement.