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Tirana – Debar highway to be built


The construction of the Arber Road, a highway which will link Albanian capital Tirana with the isolated Dibra region on the Macedonian border through an expensive shortcut into the mountainous area in central Albania, is set to begin this year.

A 13-year concession contract on improvement, construction, operation and maintenance of the two-lane highway, Arber Road, was signed Monday by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, Gentian Keri, and the owner of domestic company ‘Gjoka Construction’, Rok Gjoka.

Speaking to reporters after the signing ceremony, Infrastructure/Energy Minister Damian Gjiknuri said the contract was concluded after a long competition and intensive negotiating procedure.

‘It is rather significant infrastructure project that will link our country with Macedonia. The (road) construction will cost EUR 240 million and the state will service its obligations to the company in a period of 13 years. The highway should be completed in three years. The company will fund the construction and maintenance of the road during entire period of the concession contract’, Gjiknuri said.

The segment of the concession is expected to be just 27 km long. The new road aims to shorten the current route by about 100km and hence substantially cut the traveling time.