Friday, 19 October 2018 | News today: 3

Traditional “Galicnik Wedding Festival” starts Saturday

The 41st edition of the cultural and tourist event “Galicnik Wedding Festival” starts Saturday evening with traditional wedding rituals being performed. This year two brides will vow eternal love – Ana Garevska and Margarita Ivanovska to their fiances Ivan Sarievski and Stefan Kukovski.


Galicnik Wedding Festival, one of the oldest cultural manifestations in the country attracting numerous tourists, offers a myriad of customs and rituals from the Miak region.

The bride will be dressed in 47 different pieces of clothing, each heavily embroidered and decorated with handmade ornaments and carvings, and weighing some 25 kilos in all.

The event ends on Sunday with the bride and groom being married by priests in Bigorski monastery.

The first Galicnik Wedding Festival was held in 1963. After two editions, it was renewed in 1973. The event was inspired by the motivation of Galicnik inhabitants to preserve the customs which can be only found in the Miak region in western Macedonia. Weddings in Galicnik always took place around the religious holiday of St. Peter’s Day, when economic immigrants returned to their homeland.