Wednesday, 17 October 2018 | News today: 4

Tzanakopoulos: We’re still far away from agreement despite progress


In our continuing talks with our neighbors, there has been significant progress but we are still far away from concluding negotiations and reaching an agreement, said Dimitris Tzanakopoulos on Tuesday.

Speaking at a press briefing in Athens, the Greek government spokesman said the meeting of the two leaders in Sofia would be “very useful and important”. “But the two countries might need a new round of talks to resolve the dispute,” he added.

The Greek government, he said, continues to defend with stability and determination the national line, which is a compound name erga omnes, something that by definition requires a revision of the neighbouring country’s constitution.

Asked by MIA’s correspondent in Athens, Tzanakopoulos said that the agenda of the PMs’ meeting in Sofia would contain all the issues with regard to the name negotiations.

As regards a possible international deal between the two countries, what it might contain and how it could be implemented, the spokesman said that there was a long road ahead leading to a point when the legal and technical details of a likely international treaty the could be discussed.

“It won’t be a solution which will be concluded by pressing a button,” he said, reiterating that Greece wanted a compound name which would be used in all international forums.