Wednesday, 19 December 2018 | News today: 16

UÇK claims responsibility for Gosince terrorist attack

Certain commander Fljamuri, acting on behalf of the ethnic-Albanian paramilitary organisation Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA, or UÇK), has taken over the responsibility for Tuesday’s terrorist attack on Gosince watchtower in the north of Macedonia. 

The following is the letter of Fljamuri, translated into English:

Discrimination and oppression against Albanians in Macedonia became unbearable. Decadence, political instability, economic and cultural discrimination and social development seek re-awakening of the KLA. 

We urge all officers, particularly Albanians, to put on their uniforms and to immediately join the uprising.

We summon them to come to the determined location and for soldiers to immediately take side of the people, not fascists and oligarchs who will bring them to death.

We call on all political factors to immediately freeze their political activities in Macedonia.

The first victory of KLA in Gosince gives us strength for other, even bigger victories.

Albanians are waiting for better times. We expect the support of all Albanians wherever they are.

Commander Fljamuri