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US hands over donation in equipment to Macedonia’s Customs Administration


Macedonia’s Customs Administration was presented Monday with a US$ 18 million-donation in equipment under the US government’s Export Control and Related Border Security Program.

The equipment was officially handed over at today’s meeting of the Customs Administration Director General, Gjoko Tanasoski, and George Clark, Regional Advisor of the Export Control and Related Border Security Program  of the US Embassy.

The equipment, donated as additional support to the law enforcement capacities of the Customs Administration, includes a videoscope inspection system, density meter kit and tool bags.

‘This equipment is used in the daily activities of the customs officers and plays a great role in ensuring better operational capacities of the Customs Administration and achieving efficient results in protecting the borders and the society as a whole’, the institution said in a press release.

The Export Control and Related Border Security Program (EXBS), funded and supported by the US Departments of State and Defense, has in the past years provided assistance and support for overall customs operations, through donation of operational equipment on several occasions and specialized professional training for the customs officers.