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Veles court approves opening of Feni bankruptcy proceedings


The Veles court approved Wednesday the opening of bankruptcy proceedings in Kavadarci-based ferronickel plant “Feni Industries”.

The court appointed Miroslav Anastasievski as bankruptcy manager and urged banks-creditors to submit their claims within 15 days.

Earlier in the day, the creditors said in a press release they had received an e-mail from Bulgarian company “Enekod”, the alleged owner of “Feni”, saying they would not be able to pay the outstanding salaries for employees.

The banks have said they would only speak with a company that committed to paying two outstanding salaries to employees and a portion of the outstanding liabilities.

“Feni” has outstanding liabilities in the amount of EUR 60 million, of which EUR 40 million to Komercijalna Banka-Skopje, Stopanska Banka-Skopje and Silk Road Bank-Skopje.

“Feni Industries” has about 1,000 employees.