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Vice-Premier Osmani: Venice Commission to review law on languages


The government intends to send the law on languages to the Venice Commission for revision, Vice-Premier for European Affairs told MIA correspondent in Brussels on Tuesday.

Today, Osmani is in Brussels for meeting with EU officials as the European Commission prepares the report on Macedonia’s progress towards the EU membership, which is to be published in April.

He also criticized the opposition for making attempts to obstruct the law for the sake of party’s interests.

‘This law was coordinated with (opposition) VMRO-DPMNE, before being agreed with (now ruling) SDSM. The fact that VMRO-DPMNE has submitted 36,000 amendments, of which 30,000 related only to the fines, is aimed to obstruct and not to open constructive debate on the legislation. This law is not adopted overnight, as it has been a subject of a nine-month debate. The Parliament adopted the law in two occasions by a majority of 69 votes,’ Osmani said.

He has no doubts in regard to the law’s compliance with the constitution, saying that the contentious provisions covering the use of Albanian language in banknotes and (army, police) uniforms have been already revoked in line with the Venice Commission’s recommendation.

The fuss over the law on languages is just part of the opposition’s destructive agenda in this historic moment for Macedonia, Osmani said.

The government’s plan for Macedonia’s EU, NATO accession is based on two pillars – reforms and settling of all political issues, namely the inter-ethnic and neighborly relations, Osmani said.