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VMRO-DPMNE: Citizens to act according to own belief (video)

We have taken a decision that citizens should act according to their own belief at the referendum, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski late on Tuesday.

Mickoski said the decision was reached after consultations with citizens and having in mind the different opinions among people – abstinence, vote ‘against’, but also “for’.

“Each individual will take a decision which he/she considers is the best one for the family and the country. Macedonia is our everything. Parties will not decide. People will decide on the national issue and we will all bow to that decision,” said Mickoski.

According to him, Macedonia is on a crossroad and the name agreement is not a step forward but an abyss, whereas its acceptance would result in the loss of the country’s gains during the negotiations – the UN Resolution, the Interim Accord and the International Court of Justice ruling.

Mickoski reiterated the party’s position that the Prespa Agreement changes the Constitution, the institutional identity as the key segment of the national identity, passports, personal documents.

“A committee will review our culture and tradition, paving the path for future obstacles by our southern neighbor to our Euro-Atlantic integration,” added the VMRO-DPMNE leader.

He accused the authorities for the difficult and delicate situation that Macedonia is currently in.

“Macedonia is now an expensive plane in the hands of adolescents,” said Mickoski.

He added that the ambiguous referendum question confuses the citizens, because it does not refer to the essence – a change of the country’s name – while saying that VMRO-DPMNE favors EU and NATO membership and no other future.