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VMRO-DPMNE demands freedom for all detained for involvement in Parliament incident to be set free


Opposition VMRO-DPMNE demands urgent release of all detained for the 27 April incident in the Parliament, saying it will stage protests until its demand is met.

The court order for detention of six VMRO-DPMNE MPs is an act of reprisal, tendentious attack and a process of political persecution, party’s Secretary General Hristijan Mickovski told a press conference late Tuesday.

‘Today is yet another dark day for the democracy in Macedonia. The junta under Zoran Zaev’s leadership has continued to detain all of those who fearlessly voiced their opposition to the SDS subversive policies. We demand for urgent, unconditional termination of all SDS acts of maltreatment and terror. This is not democracy, but tyranny’, Mickovski said.

In this manner the Zaev’s junta has been erasing all possibilities for normal functioning of the Parliament and dialogue, Mickovski said.