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VMRO-DPMNE initiates vote of no confidence in Minister Nikolovski after his failure to stop forest fires

lupcoVMRO-DPMNE members of Parliament announced they will initiate a vote of no-confidence in Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Minister Ljupco Nikolovski, after a series of devastating forest fires.

“We have huge tracts of land caught up in open fires, causing tremendous damage to the environment and private and public property, putting homes and lives in danger. Nikolovski allowed the situation to escalate out of control, to a degree where it is very difficult to control it. His absurdly waited for 15 days since the first fires and for the number of active fires to reach 30 before he proposed a ban on movement in wooded areas”, said VMRO-DPMNE’s Zoran Ilioski, adding that the lack of response on the part of the Government leaves the appearance of deliberate malpractice, in order to distract the public from other, failed policies pursued by the Government at the same period of time.

Meanwhile, VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski visited the area of Zelenikovo, east of Skopje, one of affected municipalities. “We can clearly see that this Government is unable to organize itself and to call for full mobilization to fight the fires, like we used to do. When confronted with this type of calamity, I and my ministers would stay in the affected areas and coordinate the assistance directly. Here we see that the small number of firemen are left on their own. We already had one fatality in Makedonski Brod, five homes burnt down and no assistance is coming”, Gruevski said. VMRO-DPMNE party members organized themselves to help the areas hit by forest fires.

Ilioski added that in his two months long tenure, Nikolovski also failed in organizing the sale of staple seasonal export products such as peaches and watermelons. For these reasons, Ilioski said that the party will initiate a vote of no confidence.