Tuesday, 17 July 2018 | News today: 20

VMRO-DPMNE takes to the street: The party calls for protest outside the Criminal Court at 13:30h


VMRO-DPMNE will stage a protest against the “anti-state junta of Zoran Zaev” outside the Criminal Court today at 13:30h, the party has informed.

“The police raided the houses of VMRO-DPMNE MPs, members of the Executive Committee, former party officials and other public figures. The police, on the orders of Zoran Zaev, did not respect the parliamentary immunity, but only the political orders for the calculation with the different-minded people. Today’s raid and detention of VMRO-DPMNE’s officials are an attempt to silence the opposition and break the resistance of the party against all anti-state policies that the government has been implementing. At a time when the government is considering a draft-law to release criminals from prison, when the release of the Smilkovo Lake killers has been announced and when murderers are walking around the streets, Zoran Zaev orders political persecution of VMRO-DPMNE for allegedly threatening the constitutional order. VMRO-DPMNE calls on all members and supporters of the party and all citizens who disagree with the ruling junta’s anti-government policy to protest outside the Criminal Court at 13:30h”, VMRO-DPMNE’s statement reads.