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VMRO-DPMNE urges regulations for chemical castration of pedophiles to be adopted

VMRO-DPMNE urged Thursday the Ministry of Justice urgently and to adopt regulations for chemical castration of pedophiles.

This needs to happen as soon possible as we see that scandalous articles in the public begin to relativize and justify this heinous and despicable act. SDS and the institutions are silent after the scandalous column of the participant in the colorful revolution, Nikola Shindre, where pedophilia is relativized and justified. This becomes symptomatic because at the same time, SDS quasi-experts began to justify Shindre’s views on pedophilia, and the publicly available pedophile list has been erased, VMRO-DPMNE’s Nevenka Stamenkovska said outside the Justice Ministry.

She expressed concern and urged the indifferent attitude of the institutions on this issue to stop.

Now that pedophilia is relativized as a crime, it is the right moment for the Ministry of Justice to adopt regulations for the form, the content and the manner of keeping records of a convicted person who was given medical pharmacological treatment, known as chemical castration regulations that will apply to persons who have committed the act for the second time, said Stamenkovska.

According to her, the institutions must protect the children and, if adopted, the regulations will deter the perpetrators from such acts.