Friday, 21 September 2018 | News today: 14

VMRO-DPMNE warns that Zaev visit may lead to payment of state subsidies to dummy bus factory


VMRO-DPMNE called for a money laundering and tax fraud investigation to be launched against the Sanos company, which owns the old FAS 11th of October bus factory in Skopje, after it announced it is exporting 70 buses, but has only three employees.

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev visited the long troubled company in July and announced that it has exported several buses and has a contract to export 70 buses to Kazakhstan. But, Bojan Stojanovski from VMRO-DPMNE said that the company has registered only three employees and seems to be abandoned, but could potentially be made eligible to apply for the new range of Government subsidies offered by Zaev’s Government.

“Media reported that the Customs Agency confirmed that no exports were registered from Sanos, which further confirms that the company is not currently operating. We call on the Employment Agency to confirm whether it is true that Sanos has only three employees, because we now have credible suspicion that this company is involved in a criminal attempt to obtain public funds through subsidies, after Zoran Zaev visited the company and said that he will give it direct financial support”, said Stojanovski.