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Vodici in Ohrid, over 1,000 swimmers, over 20,000 visitors


Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski Sunday will attend the marking of the great Christian holiday Bogojavlenie –  Vodici (the Baptism of Christ) in Ohrid.

The observance of the great Christian holiday Bogojavlenie –  Vodici (the Baptism of Christ) has an exceptional significance for Ohrid and the Christian believers. The observance of this holiday in Ohrid is one of the biggest markings of a religious event and in the Balkans, thus confirming Ohrid’s calling as the Balkans Jerusalem.

The marking of the great holiday has started in Friday, and the main happening is Sunday with the Sanctification of the lake and throwing of the Honored Cross in the lake from the ship “Aleksandria”.

Over 20,ooo visitors from the country and abroad are expected to attend the event, as well as representatives of the diplomatic corp, government’s delegations, journalist from the country and the neighborhood, and over 1,ooo people for jumping for the cross.