Friday, 16 November 2018 | News today: 0

Voters’ list concluded – referendum census is 903,169 votes

The State Election Commission has concluded the voters’ list for the upcoming referendum. A total of 1,806,336 voters have the right to vote on September 30th. Accordingly, in order to achieve the envisaged census of 50 percent plus one vote, at least 903,169 voters should vote in the referendum.

The upcoming referendum on the name agreement is consultative, which according to the referendum regulation means that its results are not binding for the institutions. However, the government’s messages are that the will that the citizens will express on September 30 will be considered binding.

In the last elections in the country -the local elections in 2017, in the first round, 1.079.876 voters from the total of 1,814,644 registered in the voters’ list went to the polls. That meant a turnout of 59.5 percent.