Tuesday, 11 December 2018 | News today: 16

We are not against the position of the international community – their position is contained in our position

It is not European values to deceive one’s own people and to manipulate, our position is principled, the president of the main opposition party Hristijan Mickoski said Wednesday on the remark of the interlocutors, political analysts Albert Musliu and Lirim Dullovi, who took part in the debate on TV21.

On the basis of the overall situation that preceded this referendum, on the basis of the entire process that was led by the SDSM government in the way it was led, and on the basis of the navigation that we received as a people’s party from the citizens, but taking into account all bilateral and multilateral meetings with our partners from the international community, we decided to give the citizens, the supporters, the members, the opportunity to act according to their own belief on September 30th. We did not restrict anyone in the way they will act on September 30th. And there is no more democratic position than that.

Regarding the remarks that VMRO-DPMNE does not consider the international community as a friend of Macedonia and that it does not share the position of any EU and NATO leader, Mickoski denied it.

The position of the international representatives is to hold a referendum and the citizens to decide how to vote, they direct them to go to the polls to vote FOR or AGAINST, and our position is that citizens should decide themselves how they will act, which unites all citizens in the Republic of Macedonia. Hence, the position of the international community is a subset of our set, and our set is wide and covers all citizens in the Republic of Macedonia who will have any activity in this referendum – to come out and vote for, against or abstain.