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We stay together as one, united, we are VMRO – Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity

Below is the full text of the speech of VMRO-DPMNE leader, Mr. Nikola Gruevski, that he delivered late Saturday at the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle, on the occasion of VMRO-DPMNE’s 27th anniversary.

Good evening,

Dear friends and members of VMRO-DPMNE,

Good evening,

Respected guests,

We have gathered here today to mark and celebrate our party VMRO-DPMNE’s 27th anniversary, 124 years since the establishment of the Organization back in 1893.

Those are years of writing history. Years of personal sacrifices and great risks. Years of defiance, liberation struggle, nation-building, state formation, maintenance, development and strengthening of the state. Years of successes, ups and downs. Years of hardships and major challenges. Years of weaknesses and mistakes, but also years of courage, wisdom, success and progress. Years of fighting for the cause. Years of resistance in defense of the state and the nation. Years dedicated to Macedonia, to realized and unrealized dreams, and many years of solved problems and of making the correct strategic decisions. Years in which even in the darkest days our ideology was our reinforcement, which firmly kept us and did not allow the attacks and blows from outside to be fatal for us as a party and for Macedonia.

But also a the period in which in the last 11 years we saw 10 election victories in a row. 10 times the vast majority of people in this country assessed that our path, our goals and our decisions, program, implementation, team and ideology were the most correct, most fair and the best ones for Macedonia and its people.

Undefeated, unbroken, united.

United when we had to make a statement about our own country. United when we had to defend the country. United in endurance and persistence towards success, united in reforms and opening new jobs. United in putting the state before personal and party interest. United in firmness and endurance in the fight for the strategic interests of the state and the nation. United who independently, autonomously, sovereignly make decisions on key issues for Macedonia. The only ones who fought when everyone was afraid. United in many decisions that make us stronger and more valuable, and because of which the people voted for us in free elections, got angry at us and reprimanded us when we made mistakes, sometimes even tolerated us given that that those who work also make mistakes, but as we made every effort to help our people and citizens, they stood by our side through the most difficult period for us, when we were under organized attack from all sides with atypical weapons in politics, if that can be called politics at all. Yes, and then, in the last elections, again the majority of people stood by our side in order to defend Macedonia, choosing a party that has shown that knows best how to improve the country and to solve problems.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who are part of this story and the struggle of this generation. To thank all the members and activists of the party, even those who were with us, but now they are not, to thank the founders of the VMRO-DPMNE, the ideologues of the party, the people who founded and and built it, the first initiators, the first president of VMRO-DPMNE, the first leadership of VMRO-DPMNE, the veterans of the party, the top leadership throughout all towns and villages in Macedonia, for their courage, their vision and their patriotism.

And also I would like to remind you of the grand vision, courage and self-sacrifice of the founders of the Macedonian Revolutionary Organization, later renamed in VMRO  and of all its fighters, rebels, leaders and followers. Their idea of an independent state continued even when seemingly VMRO after 41 tumultuous activities was destroyed. Some participating in partisan squads, others as unbreakable fighters for freedom and independence of Macedonia during the communist regime, but they all had the same goal, a free and independent Macedonia. We, who have inherited and continued their work, we have a responsibility towards our time, our ancestors, our people and towards the future generations in Macedonia, and we must not fail in this task, regardless of the circumstances.

Respected members of VMRO-DPMNE,

Some people once they come to power act as if nothing existed before them, as if nothing good came before them, as if the world and the state begin from them, as if they will rule forever and will do everything they want. That they can harm anyone and not bear responsibility one day , and they immediately get the urge to not only rule what their post requires, even though not received rightfully and by the popular will, but also to rule everything, including the media and the judiciary, as well as the open-minded world. In addition they believe that all those steps, abuses, smear campaigns, lies, intrigues, insinuations, self-delusion, the whole dash and rush of immaturity will pass easily among people, the opposition and all the rest. That they will manage to sell it as the will of the people, a decision resulting from a public, and of course rigged debate etc. Or if they currently have some international support for certain promises that gave, and they are sufficiently immature to believe that it will last forever, then you have a short description of the new artificially installed government in Macedonia, although it saw defeat in the elections, accepting to do that we did not accept, there is the description of the newly installed rulers. All this is a characteristic of immature individuals, inexperienced politicians and people without vision, which are guided by the hate towards us, and I believe you will agree, especially towards me as party leader in 10 consecutive victories, in 11 years.

Dear friends,

Since the were brought to power they are pursuing a new plan. Before doing what they have promised, to which they know the people will react furiously, the plan is to weaken the VMRO-DPMNE, especially ahead of local elections, and secondly, to take party control over the judiciary and the media. All this, when the time comes to realize what they have undertaken as an obligation, the VMRO-DPMNE to be weak and divided, the judiciary to prosecute its leaders, and the media to do what SDSM tells them to do. But one day, not so far from now that will be over. Yes, now will ravish them, fulfill their wishes, magnify them, present them what they are not. They will also present us what we are not, but in a negative sense, unlike them.

They publicly say that they want the media to criticize them, and look what they did with the most popular media, those who they said were their enemies. With subtle threats, with the SPO, causing fear, with daily fines on the Broadcasting Council. On the 4-5 most watched TV stations, there is almost no critical news segment for the new government since it was elected, and of 10 daily activities barely one or two segments are dedicated to VMRO-DPMNE. 80 percent of the news segments are affirmation of the new government, which “is about to bring back life in Macedonia.” And most importantly, no one is bothered by that. Now there is no problem with balanced reporting, everything is ideal and probably on all those lists of media freedom, Macedonia will soon advance with meteoric speed. It was not about fair reporting, but reporting according to their taste.

Or take a look at the SPO. By force, without any evidence they will press charges against more than 120 people from the party. Again without any evidence. But they hope to press the judges to judge against someone without evidence that they violated the law. They are after forcing us in court, and the media to report on that and create a negative image of us, and even better if they press some judge to convict someone without evidence.

And while all this is cooked, we won’t have reforms, nor average salary of MKD 30,000, nor higher subsidies, nor MKD 100,000 pay for doctors, nor 500 kilometers of highways, nor new jobs, nor NATO invitation, nor negotiations with the EU, nor higher pensions, nor something to offer to the young people. There is so much dishonesty in their actions. So much hypocrisy, flattery without sincerity and displaying a false picture. The people will recognize that. Even the 600,000 displaced Macedonians are not returning as they said. Shamelessly they are cutting ribbons of factories that we brought during our term. As for new ones, we will have to wait Samka, Ramiz Merko and Shapuric to bring them.

We brought over 100 companies that have already invested in Macedonia, we brought another thirty companies in the final phase of signing a contract, but with Ramiz Merko, Samka and Shapuric, I do not know if some of them will change the decision.

But, my dear, we do not sit idly by. VMRO-DPMNE is in the process of internal restructuring, and staff refreshment. The party is making final preparations for a new mode of action in the newly created situation. There are ongoing consultations and inter-party dialogue for change and correction of all our weakness and errors, creating new policies in different areas that were missing or were obsolete or neglected. There is an ongoing internal renewal and preparation for a new beginning, a new dawn, return to power of the most powerful, largest and most successful political force in Macedonia, VMRO-DPMNE and its coalition “For Better Macedonia”.

Dear friends,

If in 2003 I inherited a sinking ship, and together with you, we managed in 2 to 3 years to make a machine for reforms, machine for progress and wins, which at European and world level was noted as the top reformer in many areas, today everything is different. If then we were defeated with the support of only 8 percent, while SDSM with 31 percent support, today it is very different and better for us, when it comes to trust. The futile efforts of SDSM criminals to us to present us criminals by force, the futile efforts of unrealized, ambitious people and people with no capacity to, I would say, disfigure us, will not succeed.

I understand political struggle, but what they do is much more than that, and it will all come back to them. We worked honestly and responsibly. With love and lot of efforts. There were errors and omissions, but compared to the successes, reforms and achievements they were small, and we will fix them in the following period. The people is yet to see the difference between SDS and VMRO-DPMNE. But not in terms words and empty promises, or marginal and small things, but in terms of genuine and long-term measures in every area, and care, care for its people and country. Oh, and SDSM that has decided to confront VMRO-DPMNE in undemocratic way, is yet to see VMRO-DPMNE, and is yet to face the people which today understand enough, and everything is clear to them. Albanians in Macedonia will eventually realize that everything related to SDSM is false. The international community will not be disappointed, because they know whom they are dealing with, but currently they need them.

We, among other things, must work on fixing the distorted image of us that was created by SDSM media and structures before the Albanians in Macedonia, creating a stereotype according to which Albanian coalition partner with us would be a burden for them. All this was deliberately and intentionally created in order to create a circumstance where coalition with SDS would be desirable for the Albanians in Macedonia. Frankly ordinary Albanians will not benefit from SDSM’s term of office, and they will realize it in a short time. Albanians just like the Macedonians and the rest need better life, more money, more jobs, higher living standards and conditions for a better life.

The ravished quasi patriotic rhetoric of some of the Albanian parties, which under the cover of a certain language law actually they just solve personal, career and other issues of individuals, will do nothing to help the Albanians. Albanians can count on VMRO-DPMNE in the future, and if they want to build a joint state together, we will always lend a helping hand to everyone, Turks, Serbs, Roma and Vlachs, Bosniaks and others.

I would like to take this opportunity to send a message to SDSM leadership that regarding important issues we are at their disposal and they can count on us even in such conditions that they are creating, it is our obligation to the state, and here it is not just Gruevski in question, because I see that someone is blinded by their hatred towards me, and they cannot see the big picture. We want quick accession to NATO. And if there is clear and unambiguous question on that, we will certainly support it. The same goes for EU membership. And the reforms that are beneficial to all, and behind that there are no hidden agendas for politicization of institutions. But I have to say that VMRO-DPMNE will make all efforts to prevent laws and procedures that are beyond the national interests of Macedonia. Or that mean politicization of institutions. Or any bad decisions and abuses. We will not allow someone’s strange euphoria and debt paying back in support or incompetence or greed, to violate the national interests and to make bad decisions for the state and the people. And it should be clear to everyone. And nothing will help them in it, neither SPO, nor anyone.

I would like to stress that the decisions we took at times, may have seemed inappropriate for many, especially those who do not have all the information and all the analysis, and it seems that some people misunderstood us because of some moves. During the December election campaign it seemed that the people did not believe in the seriousness of what we spoke of and the reasons why we asked for 63 MPs. However, later on some realized why the 63 MPs we asked for were important to us, for some time they could not understand something that is simple and that is that 51 MPs are not 63, and government cannot be formed with that number. But the fact is that VMRO won this elections, and SDSM as a defeated party to the detriment of national interests and with substantial and outreach of certain structures that brought SDSM to power, and normally those who brought the will soon come to collect what’s theirs. I stand behind our decisions, and I am ready to bear responsibility for them, in every sense. VMRO-DPMNE must go forward, the country must move forward. I believe that the time in which we are held hostage by a violent scenario that wants to engage everyone in a spiral of hatred, of anger, will pass, the time when we are guided by personal emotions and interests, as is the case with Zaev and his associates, and then the state will sink further to its complete disappearance. Thus Macedonia has a chance.

Respected members and supporters,

VMRO-DPMNE must improve and restructure. VMRO-DPMNE needs to define the goals of its future activities, to improve the relations with part of the international community towards common goals and interests, but also to establish an authentic policy towards minority communities, including Albanians to which we must present our beliefs about living together in the country, and to break stereotypes about the negative campaign against us in the Albanian media, which was deliberately orchestrated and timed in the past period.

Those who think ill of Macedonia need a divided VMRO-DPMNE, shaken and they are stimulating that, we are aware of it. The maturity of the membership is the one which I have always believed in and I know that we will resist these pressures and new games. Our battle for Macedonia does not stop here. It is just starting. The state and our nation will yet needs us, since many perilous steps by SDSM are yet to follow, and we have to restructure in order to resist them with fresh energy.

Here Nikola Gruevski does not matter, nor any individual from the leadership. I am prepared for anything, even for the most insidious attacks, false trials and accusations, daily fake news about me, literally for everything. I’m not afraid of it. But VMRO must not be afraid of the challenges to come, but to look them in the eye and play its historic role. We will take the following steps together. Publicly and transparently, I only ask you to believe in the correctness of our actions and decisions, which are not random.

I closely follow the calls for Vietnamese scenarios, street fighting or forming Macedonian terrorist groups, or any other options or blocs with different strategic interests and the like. Those are affective messages that do not see the whole picture, due to the emotional charge of the injustice that is happening to us all, especially the state. But it is not the solution. It can only completely break up Macedonia. I will not allow such a thing. And if the price for it is my fate, then there is no problem, here it is.

Dear friends,

We stay together as one, united, we are VMRO – Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity. Do not forget our ancestors, nor a better future for our descendants, for which we are committed to fight! Soon will come the day when VMRO will return and show maturity and responsibility, once again to lead Macedonia towards new successes and new adventures! Soon will come a time when people will proudly say – the only option for you and your families, for development and a better life is VMRO!

Happy birthday to our party and many more to come!

The party in whose foundations every one of you is embedded and lives its fate as their own!

This is the last bulwark, the last bulwark of Macedonia!

Do not forget it!

Long live the VMRO-DPMNE, long live the Republic of Macedonia !!!

May you be safe and sound !!!