Friday, 21 September 2018 | News today: 12

Who drinks, and who pays in IRC


Nenad Mircevski

Even four years ago the head of the IRC admitted that some religious temples are under the control of radical Islamic structures. For reasons that are known only to him, he withdrew the statement the next day accusing the journalist for inventing that conversation, but, fortunately, the information was published by the a renowned British newspaper, so the news has not lost its weight, but, on the contrary, the IRC institution has lost much of its credibility.

Since then the head of the Islamic community has additionally destroyed his public reputation, primarily among his believers, with some outrageous statements spreading inter-ethnic hatred and provoking other religious communities. Sulejman Rexhepi has recently called again with a new recognition that the institution that he manages has no control over the two mosques in Skopje, including the Yaya Pasha, the religious temple that many believers come to worship and the place where all violent protests are organized.

This time also Rexhepi was not clear what he meant. He just superficially mentioned the topic without clarifying many doubts: Who has taken the mosques from him? Are they preaching radical Islam in the religious buildings? Why he does not cooperate with the state institutions to clear the problem? Why silent all these years? What made him speak again on this subject now? Is he still waiting things to settle themselves as he was hoping then? Is sufficient for the Reis that someone allows them to “enter in the temples that were supposed to be under their control”?

Instead of talking openly he has been trying to minimize the problem for years, thus allowing the Wahhabi to strengthen their network. Now, though, seemingly concerned about the problem, the head is naively attempting to shift the responsibility for the situation on the Interior Ministry.

Nobody knows the situation in the religious buildings and among the believers better than him and the imams that serve in them. So, if he sincerely wanted to solve the problem, he should not have waited so many years. It is no secret that radical Islamists do not accept the way traditional believers interpret Islam. Therefore they occupy the temples and impose their interpretation of the Quran on the believers. It is no secret that these groups have no problem with money, and that they generously share everything with those who voluntarily accept to join them. The experts on the issue know that the intention of the radical structures is not only to “win” the mosques, but to infiltrate in all other state institutions, politics, and all the strategic places where they will carry out their ultimate goal easier. If the first person on IRC cares about the credibility of the institution he represents and the believers that visit their temples, he must clearly and unequivocally distance himself from radical groups.

He is obliged to protect the Muslims that recognize only traditional Islam from the pressures and blackmail of these thugs, to spread the messages of his God, not of those who him well to stay quiet. So, instead of hiding behind the meaningless and vague statements, he must fully and sincerely cooperate with the state institutions with a view to finally put order in this religious institution and to be known who drinks, and who pays.

Otherwise, Redzepi will be equally responsible as the radical fanatics for all the consequences that will arise in society from their actions.