Tuesday, 11 December 2018 | News today: 9

Wiener Zeitung: “Coup” in Macedonia – under the aegis of the US and the EU?

Macedonia’s new Parliament Speaker, ethnic Albanian MP Talat Xhaferi, took office on Wednesday and his first meeting was with the EU Ambassador to the country. But there are two drawbacks: First, Xhaferi was a senior officer in the Macedonian army before he defected in early 2001 to the KLA where he was known as “Commander Forina” – he is blamed for KLA’s ambush killings of eight policemen and army members. Even his short-term appointment as defense minister in 2013 sparked violent protests, Austrian daily “Wiener Zeitung”, one of most famous newspapers in Europe, writes in its analysis on the developments in Macedonia.

Second, the way Xhaferi was elected new Speaker of Parliament was clearly illegal: The process of the election on April 27 by the deputies of the Socialists and the Albanian parties was held after the regular parliamentary session was finished, outside the plenary hall and only with 59 of the necessary 61 votes. Xhaferi was nevertheless accepted as the new President of the Assembly by the USA and the EU, and an (ethnic Albanian) employee at the Secretariat of the Presidency -also unlawfully – submitted the documents required by the Official Gazette on the “legal choice” with seal and signature.  So much for the “legal values” which the US and EU claim to represent – and a taste for the country’s further legal status under increased Albanian influence.

The parliamentary elections on December 2016 have not solved the political crisis in the country, but without the intervention of the USA and the EU, the conservative VMRO-DPMNE would have continued as the strongest parliamentary party with its long-standing Albanian partner DUI, from their previous coalition government. Washington and Brussels, however, have been working for years on the fall of the government, because it is not working in accordance with their directions (for example, in respect of the non-participation in the Russian embargo or the Russian pipeline project “Turkish Stream”).


German Chancellor Angela Merkel is angry because she has been lying: she has always claimed illegal immigrants (commonly known as “refugees”) cannot be stopped – but the small Macedonia has shown that it can be stopped easily if you want. Officially, inter alia, the alleged corruption is cited as a reason for the “regime change” operated from outside. To completely exclude this in a Balkan country would be unrealistic. However, under the conservative government at least – unlike in the past – something for the people remained. The economic success of the previous government shows a glance at the economic data and the increased standard of living.

Despite the massive Western electoral assistance, the Socialists, after ten years of abstinence, want to return to power by force. Even at the cost of the implementation of the so-called Tirana platform, which has been agreed by all ethnic Albanian parties in Macedonia as a prerequisite for government participation.


Resistance by the President and the majority of population

This list of demands of the Albanian community was adopted in December 2016 at a meeting of ethnic Albanian leaders in Tirana convened by the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama. It includes a variety of measures with the aim of enhancing the status of Macedonian Albanians from an ethnic group to state-supporting nation and de facto federalization of the country. This would not satisfy Albanian aspirations. Their ultimate goal remains the same for decades: a secession towards Greater Albania.


Macedonia’s President Gjorge Ivanov sees the implementation of the Tirana platform as unconstitutional and has refused to entrust Zoran Zaev, the leader of the Socialists, with the government mandate. He was supported by more that 200,000 from a non-partisan organization, coming from all walks of life and smaller ethnic minorities, who have been demonstrating peacefully daily since early March for the survival of an undivided Macedonia.

Only on 27 April, a group of thugs, followed by some demonstrators, stormed the Parliament building, allegedly in reaction to the “election” of the President of the Parliament. It is unclear who is behind and who are instigators of the incident. The Western media immediately identified them as supporters of the former ruling party VMRO-DPMNE. This seems rather unlikely, because the action has only harmed this party.


Cui bono? The new government coalition alone is the beneficiary. However, it cannot be excluded that the events – from the “parliamentary elections” to the storming of parliament – were pushed by the USA and the EU. The path is free for the revolutionary communists, the conservatives come under foreign pressure to go into opposition for peace sake and the US and the EU have their “regime change”.

Harald W. Kotschy – Wiener Zeitung