Monday, 22 October 2018 | News today: 0

Will Zaev give up his mayor’s position?!


Nenad Mircevski

SDSM’s MPs did not appear in SEC to receive the certificates, thus becoming accomplices in the party leadership scenario for causing political crisis in the country in order for Zaev and Shekerinska to have an alibi for the elections debacle.

It does not even matter anymore whether they have returned the MP mandates voluntarily or under pressure, because one way or another, they have contributed to the damage done.

However, this tragedy of the opposition resulted in clear image for the “new faces” of the opposition for those who had doubts – those who were trumpeting around a few weeks ago citizens should entrust their votes with them, have now proven why they really needed citizens’ support. Not to improve the national democracy or people’s living standard, but to cause new crisis to cover their own inability, which are also beneficial for those with ill intentions to the Macedonian people.

What future generations will remember this SDSM’s leadership for would be the outrageous undemocratic gesture of nullifying the will of 280.000 voters. Although they won the mandates thanks to citizens, Zaev decided they need to return them. The party leader, along with some of those close to him, who are clinically dead in terms of politics, in an effort to save their own skin have placed themselves above the membership and the electorate. If he can do this to 280.000 citizens without the blink of an eye, it feels horrible to even begin to imagine what Zaev and those around him would do if they grab some state position of power and should decide on many far more serious issues?

Nevertheless, if Zaev is so determined to act ‘resistance’, he should take over the leading role, and stop being a background actor. So, this time instead of hiding behind his scapegoats, he should give the mayor’s position he won at last year’s local elections. Because, following Zaev’s logic, the fact that he is still Strumica’s mayor, he accepts the legitimacy of last year’s elections. If Zaev joins the ‘resistance’, he will deny his own stances and logic (which would not be his first or his last time to do so), and that will surely stir up even greater counter-effect within the party, which is still laying on the ground after the election knockout.

The man who did not have the courage to work it out with Gruevski at the elections and was scared from the possibility to measure his ratings within the citizens is once again safe in his hole, leaving his DUI partners, who will additionally worsen the political crisis, to finish the job. Wanting to forget his catastrophic election results, not only did he make a factor out of DUI, giving it a chance (that he did not give to the citizens) to realize its blackmails, but also he is dangerously dancing on the music played by the Greeks over the name issue.