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With SDSM industry goes down, construction sinks

Only a few days remain till the moment of decision on which depends which route Macedonia will take, whether the free fall will continue or the new era in Macedonia will begin. We are approaching October 15th. You well know that this is not ordinary local election, your decision is very important – it’s not just another ordinary decision, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski at the rally in Valandovo.

“Voting locally sends a strong message at the central level. Your decision is final. You have the last word. This is your city, our state, your decision. Remember that only the citizens of Macedonia, you decide on the future, the future of our cities and the future of our country. We get our power and strength from Macedonia and the people of this country. Our strength stems from our love for our people and our love for our country. We want our country, with all our people, all cities, all joy, enthusiasm and excitement,” Gruevski said.


He stressed that they are a party of the citizens of Macedonia and that they are a guarantee for a strong Macedonia.


“In the past period of 5 months, we have seen a catastrophic economic policy from the government. We have halved capital investments, a downward industry, sinking construction, and with it another 25 other industrial branches that are connected, foreign investors who plan to leave, and there will not be new ones. A declining export, foreign reserves that melt every day. Average salaries that instead of growing are declining. The average salary for several months has fallen by 420 denars instead of growing by 500 euros as they promised. Pensions whose increase has been abolished, and there is not even a promised increase of 10 percent on subsidies. This is the image for today. Poverty that is growing, and citizens lose security. Affects that occur on a daily basis. Tenders that are given to people in power. They promise air and life, but so abstract, imaginary. The car went down. This touches and affects all citizens. This refers to the fate of each of you. It is about our country,” said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE.


He also addressed those who vote for SDSM and urged them to join VMRO-DPMNE and their efforts.