Thursday, 13 December 2018 | News today: 22

Yale students surprise President Ivanov with traditional Macedonian folk songs

The performance of the female chorus from the Department of Slavic Studies after President Ivanov’s address at Yale University at the reception organized in his honor at the library of the Faculty of Theology, was undoubtedly a great surprise, MIA reports.


Dressed in Macedonian folk costumes, this group made a real feast of the Macedonian Culture by singing traditional Macedonian folk songs.

“Although we come from different countries, after a while, it becomes natural and fun to perform your songs. Whenever we perform we always sing a Macedonian song at the beginning of our show – which pleases me, said Ajana Wood from the choir comprised of female students with different backgrounds, from Asia, Russia, Czech … led by Ajana who is an African American woman from Chicago.

“President Ivanov after your lecture at Yale in Macedonian language, and with this performance we want to show that the Macedonian language is a living language, which we celebrate here at the Yale University, ” said the Dean Sterling.