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Yigit Akata: I feel like home in Macedonia

Yigit Akata is a Turkish national who three years ago came to Macedonia for the first time. His profession is the reason he moved to Skopje. He says that he enjoys life here, loves Macedonian food and the attention he gets from his friends in Macedonia suits him. Yigit loves Ohrid Lake and he says is the first in which he has swum. An additional reason for the good life in Macedonia is love. Yigit has recently married a Macedonian girl.


When did you first come to Macedonia?
Yigit: 8th January 2013 was my first day in Macedonia. First, I came to work on a project which was approximately to take 6-8 months but then it took longer and I stayed in Skopje. Honestly, I’m so happy to be here and I never think to go back to Turkey. It’s my homeland but also I feel my roots in this country.


You come from a country with different culture and tradition than Macedonia. How did you manage to adapt to the life here?

Yigit: Actually it’s not so different than Turkey and Turkish culture. Turks and Macedonians have shared same culture and traditions hundred years and in daily routine activities, mentality, language you can easily find the clues about it. Macedonia is the best place in the world to live as a Turkish citizen. I was really surprised when I learnt we have that much common words as; pencere, kajsija, karpuz, merdiven, rüşvet and etc. Balkan mentality or habits are common in this territory. That’s why I really didn’t spend so much time to get used to live in Skopje. I just needed time to adapt my new position and responsibilities. The rest was so easy.

Do Macedonian people provide help when you need it?

Yigit: Absolutely! They are the main reason how I adapt myself into this country. The people I know are really open-minded and I feel their warmest feelings always. Whenever I need or even when I didn’t need or didn’t realize that I need that they were always besides me. Especially when I said that I came from Turkey they are so interested about our culture, soup operas, tradition, İstanbul and else. That’s a really great feeling when you are away from your home.


What is your opinion about the Macedonian people?

Yigit: They are so helpful, always positive and polite. As a stranger I may have extra attention but these are my true feelings about Macedonian people. They were always positive and I don’t have any negative feedback about them. I may only say that they really like to enjoy the moment and life. I’m not sure that is it something good or bad but Turkish people are more obsessed into their jobs. We may miss the life and moment or focus on profession but as I observed for Macedonians private life comes first, then else.

How much free time do you have to travel across Macedonia?

Yigit: Because of my profession I have traveled a lot in Macedonia. Tetovo, Gostivar, Ohrid, Bitola, Gevgelija, Kicevo, Stip, Strumica, Veles and etc. I have almost visited all cities in Macedonia. I like the natural beauty of the country. On the road it’s like a therapy till you reached out some cities. Unfortunately you can see unjustified development in the country as we have in Turkey. Istanbul is the center of everything that’s why it gets hundred thousand immigrants from other cities. It’s similar in Skopje as well.

What do you think, which are the best places to visit in Macedonia?

Yigit: Definitely Ohrid. It’s the best location during spring and summer. I have never swum in the lake till Ohrid. It was a bit strange in the beginning but I like it a lot. Where forest finishes, lake starts and it has a great view.

Do you like food? Macedonian recipes?

Yigit: I like meat, kebab, ajvar, pincur, burek, pita. That’s why I gained weight when I moved to Skopje. Bakery stuff is the best for me. The food tradition is so similar to us except breakfast. For Turkish people breakfast is the most important and unique meal in a day. We fill our plate as much as we can and we love to have variety of different kind of foods.

Do you miss your home country?

Yigit: I just miss my family and friends. My country is where I live and where I feel to belong to. In Macedonia I do both that’s why I feel like it’s my home country. However my family is also my weakest side. I miss them so much and they miss me so much. But it’s good that by plane it just takes 1 hour and visa is not required so me and my family can come easy.

We often hear bad news from your home country, what is your opinion on what’s happening there?

Yigit: I want to repeat a phrase that I like “when two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers”. This is what happening in my country. People suffer and I deeply feel upset while following what is going on. It is the country which has huge potential but time is ticking and people who manage the country have to focus on how to build the future.

What are your plans, are you staying in Macedonia?

Yigit: Yeah, as far as I know and my company decides I’ll stay in Macedonia and I’m super happy about it. But as I mentioned on above I’m Turkish and I’m so much focused on my profession. So if company assigns me a different position in another location I’ll do it. However first I have to consult WITH my wife. I’ve just married a Macedonian girl and also it’s a reason why I would like to live in Macedonia.