Saturday, 15 December 2018 | News today: 1

Youth film festival “Giffoni Macedonia” begins


Screening of film “Hunting Flies” of Izer Aliu will mark the opening of the 5th Youth Film Festival “Giffoni Macedonia” in Skopje-based cinema “Millennium” on Wednesday.

“Giffoni Macedonia” director Darko Basevski said at today’s press conference that besides 15 films in the official programme, the festival also includes an accompanying programme, selection of best youth films from Korea, films related to music and jazz etc.

“As before, there are three age groups – juniors, cadets and seniors –  including over 700 children. These children are all candidates for next year’s festival in Italy, where eight of them will represent Macedonia”, said Basevski.

Giffoni Experience founder Claudio Gubitosi said Macedonian boys and girls coming at Giffoni are always different and distinguish themselves among thousands of peers from 50 countries.

“Macedonians are always raising their hands to have a say. They are different because of their intelligence, eagerness and the perfect English language”, stressed Gubitosi.

Italian Ambassador to Macedonia, Carlo Romeo said the festival’s opening overlaps with the Week of Italian Language in the World, adding is contributes to enhancement of bilateral cultural cooperation.